Import Fashion C.A.M.E to High End Performance NY meet

For those of you that haven’t seen here’s a pretty wicked video of the Meet the brothers at High End threw and guess who went Import Fashion and C.A.M.E

The Chosen: SXEcrew RD Video Release

I’ve been putting up teasers of The Chosen video and the final video is up! Pretty sick video of the tuner life style in the Dominican Republic. SXEcrew out there is doing big things and you guys know i’m a huge IS300 fan so this collection of different styles of IS300’s and Altezza’s on the streets¬†was just awesome to see.

Honda NSX: Straight Sex.

Don’t usually update over the weekend but found this video and dang if this don’t make you want a NSX then i don’t know what will. ..

Sick video.

Video by

Sick Video: Gran Premio Michelin @ Autodromo Mobil 1

Just goes to show you where ever you are in the world the passion for racing is always the same.

:Dominican Republic