Project G 2 Year Anniversary Meet Finale Coverage

Fairlady Z: Restoration

Restoration of an old school car has got to be the most rewarding feeling. Building a car to show room status has got to be a feat to be proud of. Looking at these pics of this Fairlady Z (Datsun 240Z) this owner must be over joyed with the results. I can only imaging tryin to find parts for a car of the early 70’s. So congratulations to the owner of this car for putting together this masterpiece.

370Z: Beast Mode

370Z is one of those fresh looking cars that doesn’t need much to look good but when you add the right parts… that car just becomes a beast.

Custom built steplip work vsxx 20x10et-10 20x12et-10 245/30 285/30
-3 degree of camber

Top Secret strut bar and engine cover