Formula Drift x Slammed Society, Long Beach prt 1

Oh man. I got a pretty cool story about this event (well i think it’s cool) LOL  this show was a surprise to me and pretty much came outta no where.. Being that i don’t pay attention to facebook, I think i woulda missed it if someone didn’t mention it to me. Which happened to be the Tuesday before the venue. So with that i started making hitting up the homies tryin to find out more about the show and registration. I some how got lucky and got to be the car display for Spocom which was cool! BUT!!! then i get a bombed dropped on me by my  homie Tricia sayin i had to be there at 6am .. uh?!?! 6AM !!! What the fooos! Man!!  people that know me know I’m not one to be on time to anything. Specially with that call time man.. I was already warning the folks at Spocom i was gonna be late and dont’ be mad. Then the doozy…  if you’re not in by 6:30 the latest you won’t be allowed into the venue. I’m like WTF? Why! but then..  I later remember that the main entrance is actually on the track and they move the cement block walls for the drift event. So with that  i had to be close to on time. haha I like my sleep what can i say!? haha. But i do make it on time 6:45 am witch wasn’t  THAT bad. It wasn’t 6:30 but i made it. Finally there in the Long Beach cold met up with some Tricia, David and the Auto Concept Elite homies. From there it was all good and the early morning wake up i was dreading was all worth it. Started to clean the car,  drank a beer at 8:30 am then started to get coverage. Wonderful day check out the first installment of pics.

My car here at the Spocom booth. Thank you!

This car was the tits!! FLAWLESS!! loved it the paint was immaculate and the styling was Awesome. .. Drool.

Jon’s S2k

Jr’s G37 RIP . Nick taking care of business for once and cleaning LOL.

BJ brought out Ben’s awesome FD to the event after this i couldn’t get a good shot of the car cause there was people always around it .

This car is awesome!!

This car and the car below have something in common .. hrmmm..

Darn spoiled the surprise! haha LS swaps are a little too common with the drift cars but they’re high HP wonders. Gotta love it.

Close up of the 2 LS swaps

Not the prettiest hood prop but hey .. it works :p

Check out the gallery for more pics of the event :