S14: Enthusiast’s Ride

This S14 isn’t the prettiest S14 but it stood out to me. Being from across the pond it’s probably just another enthusiast’s ride but i thought it deserved some face time on BobsYrUncle so here it is. This S14 definitively looks driven. No shits given type of driving because of all the battle scars but that’s the reason I liked it. If I could get more stats about it that would be awesome but for now all I can show you are the pics.


USDM FREAX Magazine: IS300 Feature

I wanted to give a BIG Congratulations to one of our own Bobsyruncle homies and Fan page admins for his feature in the USDM FREAX’s magazine that dropped today. Well deserved and through all the hard work blood and sweat dreams do come to reality.

Great job and congrats Tomas Coromina’s for your feature and build!

Coverage: Wekfest New Jersey August 28, 2012

Wekfest New Jersey August 28th looked like it was a great turn out. We had our East Coast chapter at the show taking great coverage.

Coverage brought to you by our homie Josh



RB26DETT: Top Secret Supra

Blasphemy! haha jk jk to each their own whether it be RB’s or 2JZ. You’re build your steez. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with this Supra from Top Secret with the RB26 swap. As it sits.  It’s art.

Top Secret: Supra JZA80

Richard Carino’s Top Secret Supra. Nice to be able to see this state side utter resemblance of the one in Japan. 

GTR R33 Playing in the Snow

This picture is fantastic. In light of the “weather storm” I’ve been reading about that’s going to be bringing in some snow and rain tonight and tomorrow. Thought this picture was perfect. R33 goodness.