Project G 2 Year Anniversary Meet Finale Coverage

Import Alliance 2012 North Carolina zMax Raceway: Coverage

Don’t think we forgot about bringing you Import Alliance coverage. Believe it or not BYU  has some members out on the east coast. One of the brothers Jeff Aldana snapped some pics to bring you some of the action from the Import Alliance Show. So thank you Jeff for the pics and ReadySetFilms for the film. Hope the viewers and fans enjoy.

866 RWHP Supra.. Not bad.

HKS: Widebody Altezza: Track Built

I’ve kind of been on a HKS frenzy. So here’s another HKS tuned car for you. This widebody Toyota Altezza track monster  is an oldie but goodie. Wasn’t as easy to find details on this car as i thought it would be but i found it. Specs and photos below.


2000 Toyota Altezza
Owner: HKS Japan, Fujinomiya, Sizuoka ken, Japan
Engine Type: 3S-GTE
Displacement: 2.2L
Engine Mods: Bore x stroke: 87 mm x 90 mm
HKS GT3037S turbocharger
HKS GT Wastegate
HKS camshafts
10.2:1 compression
Forged crankshaft
Tube stainless steel exhaust manifold
HKS cam gears
Engine Management: F-CON V Pro fuel/spark management system
HKS Twin Power ignition
EVC Pro boost controller (22.55 PSI boost)
Drivetrain: X-Trac six-speed sequential transmission
Stock differential housing, 4.375:1 final drive, stock half shafts
Suspension: Custom
Brakes: Alcon brake calipers
Wheels: Advan TCII wheels, 18×11 inch
Tires: Advan racing tires
Exterior Mods: CF Body
Interior Mods: Bride seats
Pi Research dash display
Mobiletronics: None

HKS: Super Lap Battle Hipermax Evolution

No introduction needed here. I’m sure everyone’s seen the HKS CT230R EVO. Car’s classic and one of those cars you just can’t forget.

Interior shot of the cluster. Race car.

HKS: Engine Building Masterpiece: R35 GT800 Edition

HKS R35 GT800 Full Turbo Kit is a thing of beauty.

Using both types of the HKS GT II turbo (conventional and reverse rotation)

 HKS R35 GT-R Transmission Oil Sump

HKS Oil Pan for the GR6 transmission of Nissan GT-R R35. Sick honeycomb design.


I’ve rocked F-Con Vpro but damn this ECU looks sick !! R35 owners got a titanium faceplate and F-Con Vpro made just for them.. Must be nice.

HKS Toyota 86 for D1 Grand Prix Season

Oh man the excitement I got just from hearing HKS was back in the mix and back at Tokyo Auto Salon this year with the NEW Toyota 86 no less, I was ecstatic and was quickly looking up pictures. WOW! I fell in love the old school splash graphic theme. As you’ve seen on my IS300 before. How can you not love it? Back to basics for HKS. To me it’s true HKS styling that made them who they are now. With NOB Taniguchi Driving Can’t wait to see more video’s of this at the D1 Grand prix and what ever else they have lined up. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the event lists. But, I don’t want to babble on about the details. On to the pics.