Auto Fashion Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.2

Wrapping up the Auto Fashion Grand Opening with this post. I wish I could have taken more photos but the crowds made it a little difficult to get a nice shot. Even the sun over head, blazing like a hot summer day didn’t help with the shadows and was just too much light. All in all it was a great get together and Grand Opening and i can’t wait to go visit the shop again and check it out.

Congrats Freddie – Mr. AutoFashion!

Coverage: Autocon – LA: Santa Anita Park, Arcadia

July 21st 2012 Autocon brought a car show to Santa Anita Park in Arcadia for the first time. (From my experiences in the show scene i think this was the first time it’s been held there).

Lance Uchida a part of Bob’s Your Uncle took quite a few pics from the event so bare with us for more pics as we go through them and pick out the ones that stand out.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to go to the show, here’s the coverage:


Michael Mao’s NSX is well known in the show scene and it’s no surprise why.

Joey Lee from the Chronicles sick Q45 on the pavement .. love the Equips!

CCW’s never get old . . Supra + CCW classics = Awesome!

Big Mike’s Prelude looking clean as usual. So nice.

For Your Spacer, Adapters, Locks & More: M2 Tuning

These came in from the homie Ken for the S2000 and these are mint! Quality is exceptional and will definitely fix that hella sunk problem I have going on.

As a special to the BYU followers, you get a 20% off code.

Enter: BYU20OFF to get your discount.

more pics of project S2000 coming soon!

BYU: Project S2000

2nd Installment of the BYU Project S2000:

Since driving the S2000 around for a few weeks I wasn’t feeling the exhaust tone of the 5Zigen single that came with the car. It was too loud and being in an S2000 with a loud exhaust i felt tone death after few minutes of driving the car. Also wasn’t digging the the single exit look either. For some reason I think if the car has a dual exhaust set up it have both. (but that’s just my opinion and style). So, I decided to ditch the 5Zigen single for stock.

The root of the obnoxious noise. The Resonator was “deleted” not very clean job at all. . And the welds O_o .  Glad to take this thing off after I saw this.

Project S2000: Budget Build

Project S2000 is under way and this time around I want to make sure to keep a build within budget and not go over board. All while still making a the car as fresh as possible.  The car the way it stand now is totally not my taste but that’s where i get to have fun and make it something i’ll enjoy. I stopped by my cousins place that does DESTRONS GARAGE for some CF wrap because he wanted to use the car being that it’s red would contrast well with the CF. So i thought sure why not. Mind you I’ve never wrapped a car not is he a professional at it either but i think over all we did a good job and it definitely transformed the car in a 3 hr time span.

Check it out.

Measuring and trimming for the trunk.

Extreme close up with the Honda badge and brake light installed. CF material gives that dry carbon look.

On to the hood .. which was a bit of a challenge.

With a little bit of heat, pulling and forming the hood takes shape.

Here’s the hood completed and we had some extra CF vinyl so I decided to put some in the vents for some contrast.

Shot of the rear trunk all put together and looks pretty nice.

Check back for more updates on the project car. Cause there’s more to come.

Bobs Your Uncle Project Car: Conclusions & Beginnings

I’ll no longer be persuing the W211 Mercedes E class build. Somethings came up and I wont be bringing the VIP flavor to the Benz like I thought I would. But it’s for the better.

I’m actually going to take on a harder challenge and start working on Honda! I haven’t really done a Honda build since my right hand drive Integra DA8 but this will be interesting to see how it goes.

Here’s the pics of the state of the car I’m beginning with so I can have progression of the build on the blog.

It’s not in the best of shape but it’s not a bad start. Check out the pics and follow the blog for the progression. Let the project begin!

Hella Sunk!!