Nisei Showoff Carshow: Little Tokyo Los Angeles: Coverage

I don’t go to shows very often but for Nisei, I thought i’d make an exception. I always get a great vibe from going to this show. Must be the friends i see there or knowing it brings a lot of the old school tuners that I haven’t seen in a while back to visit or show their cars.  Being that it’s Nisei, this show is known for always being HOT and i mean HOT!!! and this year was no exception. Well over 100 degrees, it was work getting coverage. I had some of the crew team helping me out so it wasn’t THAT bad. So big thanks to Nick, Lance Danny and Andrew for covering other sections of the show. Here are some of the pictures I took as a sneak preview of the coverage. Enjoy!!

Civic EK: Honda Love Chicago Style

For some reason seeing this EK totally got my attention. No fancy color, no loud kit, no decals all over the place. Just clean!

Throwback Thursdays: Ed Burgenholtz CRX

Not sure how many readers will remember the name Ed Burgenholtz or his CRX drag car but i thought it’d fitting for throwback Thursdays theme. From what i remember the car had a dragon looking front end this through the last of it’s NHRA career. Since camera quality wasn’t that great back in the day the only real clear shot of what it looked like before the dragons head front end is below .. Still classic styling in my eyes.

Throwback Thursdays: Street Glow CRX

Clean old school CRX with ITR front end from back in the day in the Street Glow booth. The CRX doesn’t seem to rockin any of their product but was probably there as an attention getter. It definitely looks good even for today’s standards.

Mugen: Civic Si

I don’t see a lot of these cars around anymore but still remember it was suppose to be a hit car and it just didn’t end up being as popular as the company thought it would. I don’t know why cause by the looks of this clean Mugen one it definitely looks like something i’d like to drive.

Check it.