Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT3

Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT2

Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT1

Toyotafest is one of my favorite events to go to not only because of the nice location at the Queenmary but because of it’s roots. Toyota Owners and Restorer’s Club (TORC) AKA Toyotafest bring the enthusiast through the years, old and new together for a gathering that just feels so humble. No crazy model lounges or loud music from 10 different booths. Just cars, raffles and enthusiasts. I try and attend this event every year since I’ve found out about it maybe 7-10 years ago and have fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones there.

I have my own coverage of the event but wanted to introduce on of the BobsYrUncle crew Eric Gamboa that participated at the event and took a few photos to share.


illest Grand Opening Jtown LA

The illest Boutique LA grand opening on 1-11-11 was PACKED! Hella people supporting and wanting to see the new store start off great. The line was absurd and the facebook, twitter updates all day were more then enough to prove that even if people couldn’t make it they wish they did. Haha . me? yup i’m one that wish i coulda make it but instead i was behind a desk reading the timelines on FB and Twitter. 😦

On to the pics!!! The pictures brought to you are by my Buddy Minh Nguyen. Thanks Minh!

Billy Shea

The early birds got good parking !!! I spy a car i know haha

LONG ASS line!!

Yup.. still going!! haha. wrapped around the block!! Geebus!

and.. drum roll!!!! the inside of the store!

Fresh Gear! Be sure to go check out the store i’m sure there’s more fresh gear there you’ll like.

Enjoy the Gallery: