Eibach 2013 Honda Meet, Lake Elsinore: Coverage P2

Eibach 2013 Honda Meet Part 1 

Photos by Emu Viana

Mini-Island Import Day: Farmingville NY

September 3rd Farmingville, New York was the Mini-Island Import Day meet with a variety of cars, import, euro and even some domestic muscle and overall looked like a great meet and good get together. Our boy Josh was able to make it to the meet and take some pics so we can share with you.


Mugen DC2: Double Trouble

Since yesterday we brought you a double dose of the Veilside Fortune FD3S. I thought i might as well bring you another double feature. Double the trouble with these sick DC2 Integras from Ontario Canada.


DC2: Pheonix Yellow Perfection

Right when i saw this DC2 my jaw dropped. Love everything about this car. Definitely the way I’d put together an Integra.