From Across the Pond: Hachiroku

I wanted to introduce this car state side. We all love the Hachiroku and this one was too amazing not to share with our followers. I was lucky enough to get these photos and make an attempt at sharing them with the fans here in the US. I don’t want to bore you with the details because I think the details are in the pictures. Enjoy! 

Interior only a drifter/ racer could love. 

And … If you’re wondering what’s power this car and what to take a peak under the hood… here you go. SR20DET dressed up with a custom valve cover Garrette turbo and all the fixins.

Formula D Tech Inspection X Import Tuner Meet P3

We’ll have one more part to the Formula D tech inspection and Import Tuner meet after this post, then move on to the Royal Orgins Vegas meet. That we were also able to attend this past weekend.


Formula D Tech Inspection X Import Tuner Meet P2

Hawaii’s 86: Hachiroku Corolla

Always been a fan of the Hachiroku and Hawaii so when you combine the two it’s pure gold. We have a lot of clean 86’s here in the states but Hawaii does Hachi’s right. Check out the pics and i love that the cars all have their own personality right down to the engine bay. None of that cookie cutter stuff in these cars.