Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 3

Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 1

Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 2

Auto Fashion Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.2

Wrapping up the Auto Fashion Grand Opening with this post. I wish I could have taken more photos but the crowds made it a little difficult to get a nice shot. Even the sun over head, blazing like a hot summer day didn’t help with the shadows and was just too much light. All in all it was a great get together and Grand Opening and i can’t wait to go visit the shop again and check it out.

Congrats Freddie – Mr. AutoFashion!    http://www.autofashionusa.com

Lexus: ES300/ Windom VIP

Don’t see many of the Lexus Es300 also known in Japan as the Toyota Windom on the roads but when I do they’re usually driven by old people. It’d be pretty nice to see more done up and rocking this VIP style. They’re more affordable then the LS400 of the same era and not a gas guzzler which is a definite plus. Although it’s not a true VIP platform it’s still a solid well build Toyota/ Lexus. Definitely a good buy and with gas prices dropping the less money on gas you spend the more you have for mods and that’s always a plus. Food for thought when buying a car with potential.


Toyotafest 2012 aka TORC @ the Queen Mary, Long Beach

I haven’t really been to a show in a little over a year and I thought what better way to get back in to it then to go to the TORC? It’s one of the OG shows that have been around forever. I’ve always enjoyed this shoe because it’s such and enthusiasts type show. No hype, No models, and the best part no entry fee!!!

I didn’t bring my car out for the 2nd year and I actually don’t miss showing. Kinda of refreshing getting there at 12:30 walking around for an hour and taking off.

I only took pics of cars that stood out to me or caught my attention through my brief walk through.


My favorite SC430.. So sick!

I don’t know if it was me but I remember IS300 owners repping a little stronger in the years before. Still nice to see the line up of IS300’s though.

LS400’s always look sick on wheels slammed.

super clean set of C2’s on this LS.. WOW!

Ojay’s well known LS