Elemental Experience

Honda Elements, We see them everywhere but none really that fixed up. I don’t know why? Specially with the Scion XB being all boxy and so into the mainstream but i guess to each their own. I had one for a solid year before I sold mine but like with any car I’ve owned, the mod bug bit me and from day 1 I brought it home from off the lot I was already researching what parts might fit and got started ordering my parts. My Honda Element of choice was the 2009 SC model and I do admit I miss that car. Roomy interior, styling was cool, and it was different from any other car I’d owned before. Wasn’t too fond of the power band and gas mileage but go figure it’s a box on wheels it’s aero-dynamically inefficient. If I could get one with 32+MPG i’d definitely think about getting another one. Well onto┬áteasing with few pictures:

Here’s pictures my Elemental experience in the first few weeks, As i find more pics i’ll update again.

2009 Honda Element SC

Got 2 updates for you!! actually EVENTs to check out!

Mainstream buddy of mine is having his JDM vs DTM show at the LA Fair in Pomona. Here’s the Flyer with my homie Tony’s NSX! Looking good buddy. I wish i could attend this but my cars getting a tune up and my friends shop for upcoming races that i want the car in tip tip shape for.
check it:

then we have our next event by NWP. September 19th!!
I’ll be attending this with the IS300 since my friends from Phaze2 and Doods will be there.
check it: