Heavenly FD3S: CCW

Browsing the world wide interweb I stumbled on this simple and clean FD3S Mazda RX-7 and loved the look so much i wanted to share with you guys. Complete Custom Wheels [CCW] and good clean (still functional) drop and voila. It’s as good as gold. I was looking for more info on the car or even an engine bay shot but these few pics are all I could find. Hopefully I’ll stumble on some more info later and share more about this car again later.

Photo creds to D.Atkinson

Project G 2 Year Anniversary Meet Finale Coverage

More Project G 2 Year Anniversary Meet

Project G: 2 Year Anniversary Meet

Friend of mine at Promax Auto Service was one of the sponsors at the Project G 2 Year Anniversary meet and invited me to come out chill and get some coverage (something we’ve been in need of on this site). He owns a Variochrome Pearl White Hexis wrapped Miata and of course this was a Miata meet. But, what i thought would be a sea of Miata’s turned out to have a nice variety of cars from FD, FC’s, Nissans, Scion, Lexus and Even Fiats. I was impressed with the turn out and the guys at Project-G had it well organized and had a bunch of give-a-ways making it fun and memorable.

On to the pics!!! Part 1

Candy’s Fiat 500 on KW V3 and custom VIP Modular Dubai Gold VX110

Sean (owner of the Variochrome Pearl White Miata), Candy (owns the Fiat 500 with the Dubai gold VIP Modular wheels) and Elie having some fun 

Mr. I stay Crushing Robert Kochis and his well known Rocket Bunny FR-S stopped by to kick it and check out the meet.

Here we have Supra Nick and his Gf Jill that brought out her Lexus IS300 on some uber rare Panasport G7 c5c

Most Versatile with Conversion: FD3S/ RX-7

I think i can let the pictures below speak for themselves. Definitely a trip seeing what crazy ideas people come up with to modify their FDs when stock body the car looks bad ass. To each their own and it’s just a part of tuner lifestyle to want to stand out and be unique.

And the conversion that had me most surprised !

FD3S Drift: On Board Camera

I’m a huge fan of in motion pics and having cameras on board isn’t a new thing but damn,  when I see these pics it makes me appreciate awesome cars doing work. This FD is definitely doing it’s thing! I believe at a Formula Drift event in the UK.

Check it out. 

Project Pheonix: RX-7 UK Owned Japan Built

Interesting back round on this car basically guy had a rx7 in the UK… had a tuner there do some work which they f**ked up some how and it went up in a big ball of flames…

The guy then got a dealer in japan to look for a car for him and through some tuners insurance (wish we had that here), plus some of his own money had this built in japan then shipped back to him…

Here are some shots of the car before it was featured the UK Speedhunters had it featured.

Veilside: Fortune FD3S RX-7 Street Driven

Something we don’t see everyday. One Veilside Fortune FD3s (RX-7). To make it more of a rarity, seeing 2 side by side just taking a drive like it’s the norm. The sound these 2 making on the streets and through the tunnels must be music cause rotary’s have a sound of their own and it’s a pretty dope to hear. I can only imagine these 2 going at it putting those cars through it’s paces. It’d be great to find video but for now the pics and imagination will do.