illmike Supra build part 1

My homie Mike better known as illmike just started a new project and was stoked when i gave him the idea of featuring the build on the blog. He definitely someone real familiar with building cars he’s had winning show accord, lexis Is250 and even a SEMA built RX7 FD. So he’s definitely not a stranger to building a dope cars.

Here’s the car the way he got it. Which from what he’s told me was sitting for 4 years with out being driven so he has his work cut out for him and was up for the challenge. Fluids changed and already got the car to turn over.

from getting the car to start to already stripping the faded chipped paint for new paint and surprise body kit. Works quick and already has BIG plans for this car.

inperrfections small dents being cleaned up . gonna look flawless when it’s painted.

Primer done.. now for paint. Color ??

We’ll see what the next part brings ..