Eibach 2013 Honda Meet, Lake Elsinore: Coverage P1

Photos by Emu Viana

Mugen CR-Z: Supercharged, Yes Please!

Whoa!! Look at that ! Mugen, Supercharged, MUGEN SUPERCHARGED CR-Z.. I posted about the HKS Supercharged CR-Z┬ábefore and now came across this gem. Mugen Euro team put this together this beast. 200hp which doesn’t sound like a lot but i’m sure it’s quick. Check out the detail that went into this project. Kit, gauges, wheels and most importantly engine all Mugenized. Enough of my blabbering . Enjoy the pics!

Mugen: Civic Si

I don’t see a lot of these cars around anymore but still remember it was suppose to be a hit car and it just didn’t end up being as popular as the company thought it would. I don’t know why cause by the looks of this clean Mugen one it definitely looks like something i’d like to drive.

Check it.