Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 3

Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 1

Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 2

CR-Z: Mugen: It’s in the Details

Details are often over looked. Check out this CR-Z that’s all about the details. 

Nisei Showoff Coverage: Revisited Part 4

I was looking through some pictures I took at Nisei found a few I didn’t post. So here’s another part to the Nisei coverage. 

Always good to see Jamari’s car specially in SoCal. Gotta give it to him and how for he drives to show this beast. Dedication and car love. Awesome.

The homie Jesse Sabater’s bad ass GTR

Import Alliance 2012 North Carolina zMax Raceway: Coverage

Don’t think we forgot about bringing you Import Alliance coverage. Believe it or not BYU  has some members out on the east coast. One of the brothers Jeff Aldana snapped some pics to bring you some of the action from the Import Alliance Show. So thank you Jeff for the pics and ReadySetFilms for the film. Hope the viewers and fans enjoy.

866 RWHP Supra.. Not bad.

Nisei Showoff Car Show Coverage Part 2

2nd Installment of the Nisei car show and there’s more pictures coming. Some of the pics I have I can’t even post cause of the glare from the blaring sun! Bah, sucks. I’ll be going through some of the Lance’s and Nick’s pictures and hoping they got some of the same cars I covered. Stay tuned.

Mugen CR-Z: Supercharged, Yes Please!

Whoa!! Look at that ! Mugen, Supercharged, MUGEN SUPERCHARGED CR-Z.. I posted about the HKS Supercharged CR-Z before and now came across this gem. Mugen Euro team put this together this beast. 200hp which doesn’t sound like a lot but i’m sure it’s quick. Check out the detail that went into this project. Kit, gauges, wheels and most importantly engine all Mugenized. Enough of my blabbering . Enjoy the pics!