Nisei Showoff Coverage: Revisited Part 4

I was looking through some pictures I took at Nisei found a few I didn’t post. So here’s another part to the Nisei coverage. 

Always good to see Jamari’s car specially in SoCal. Gotta give it to him and how for he drives to show this beast. Dedication and car love. Awesome.

The homie Jesse Sabater’s bad ass GTR

Nisei Showoff Car Show Coverage Part 2

2nd Installment of the Nisei car show and there’s more pictures coming. Some of the pics I have I can’t even post cause of the glare from the blaring sun! Bah, sucks. I’ll be going through some of the Lance’s and Nick’s pictures and hoping they got some of the same cars I covered. Stay tuned.

Nisei Showoff Carshow: Little Tokyo Los Angeles: Coverage

I don’t go to shows very often but for Nisei, I thought i’d make an exception. I always get a great vibe from going to this show. Must be the friends i see there or knowing it brings a lot of the old school tuners that I haven’t seen in a while back to visit or show their cars.  Being that it’s Nisei, this show is known for always being HOT and i mean HOT!!! and this year was no exception. Well over 100 degrees, it was work getting coverage. I had some of the crew team helping me out so it wasn’t THAT bad. So big thanks to Nick, Lance Danny and Andrew for covering other sections of the show. Here are some of the pictures I took as a sneak preview of the coverage. Enjoy!!

It’s official ! Nisei week showoff car show

It’s in full affect Nisei car show official poster car!! that’s my car!!!

Wallpaper will be updated on soon. It’s great to be apart of this show that i’ve attended for so long. It’s a total classic in the industry. It’ll be a sad to see this show come to an end after 15 years of being the most awaited show of the year by many. The best of the best show here even in record breaking heat. I hope it’s not the end.
Flyers are being distributed to local car shops to get the word out . I love press!!
can’t wait to get my hands on the flyer too. Showoff brothers sent me the preview.

check it: