R32: Black or White?

I’ve always been a fan of the older model Skylines and R32 is one the top choices for me in their line behind the Kenmeri and R33.

I was browsing online and stumbled on these R32 drifting and thought hrmm. Which would i prefer Black or White? Of course i’m only dreaming of owning one but it’s a nice thought to think I could pick from one of the 2 below. haha.

S14: Enthusiast’s Ride

This S14 isn’t the prettiest S14 but it stood out to me. Being from across the pond it’s probably just another enthusiast’s ride but i thought it deserved some face time on BobsYrUncle so here it is. This S14 definitively looks driven. No shits given type of driving because of all the battle scars but that’s the reason I liked it. If I could get more stats about it that would be awesome but for now all I can show you are the pics.


Project G 2 Year Anniversary Meet Finale Coverage

VIP meet S13: Mona Lisa

I see this S13 and it’s like seeing the Mona Lisa. It has many different angles and not all something everyone would like. To me every car is a canvas and we put our style and soul into a build. This car definitely has a style and stands out. From the Vip style’d Weds Kranze, widebody to the race inspired interior, it all comes together and I like it>  So, I wanted to share.


S13 Silvia: Clean, Simple, and Sexy

S13’s are all over the place. I guess you can say they’re like a dime a dozen but when one stands out, it’s a gem and everyone stops to stare. This S13 is definitely a gem. Very clean and well executed. Clean, simple and just sexxy enough to stand out. No fancy bright colors just attention to details. Amazing build. 

Fairlady Z: Restoration

Restoration of an old school car has got to be the most rewarding feeling. Building a car to show room status has got to be a feat to be proud of. Looking at these pics of this Fairlady Z (Datsun 240Z) this owner must be over joyed with the results. I can only imaging tryin to find parts for a car of the early 70’s. So congratulations to the owner of this car for putting together this masterpiece.

JIC Magic: S14/ S15 Throwback Thursday

Throw back Thursday: I know these cars are still in the drift scene now but for me it’s a throw back of when I used to work at JIC and got to wrench on these beasts. Late night prep work before an event was never fun specially with a boss screaming behind you in Japanese.. bleh. Some memories should just stay in the past.

These cars came out beautifully and i’m glad to say I was able to see them being built. Enjoy. 

Poster/ wallpaper sized pic