Formula D Tech Inspection X Import Tuner Meet P3

We’ll have one more part to the Formula D tech inspection and Import Tuner meet after this post, then move on to the Royal Orgins Vegas meet. That we were also able to attend this past weekend.


Throwback Thursdays: Street Glow CRX

Clean old school CRX with ITR front end from back in the day in the Street Glow booth. The CRX doesn’t seem to rockin any of their product but was probably there as an attention getter. It definitely looks good even for today’s standards.

Wheel: Wednesday

Random but for some reason started thinking of some old school wheels and Racing Hart popped into mind. They’re not as popular now a days with their new line but they’re past models but the name still holds a special place with a lot of the old school community.  I’m sure everyone can think of their favorite set.

I’ll post one that stands out to me that I used to see on a lot of Mango, and Hachi’s way back when.