Random: Ducati love

Well i have another update in the works with the Subi in the previous post a continuation but since i’m in Ft. Lauderdale for work and don’t have my computer i guess i’ll update with something else to fill the time since i’m stuck at a convention. 😦

While out in Ft. Lauderdal i’ve just been seeing a boat load of bikes and just day dreamin of when i used to own my own. Saw this particular bike and my jaw dropped! Loved it! Dude had a girl on the back and a crew with him so it was a pretty dope sight to see.

Wish i could have actually got a picture of the group and the bike i saw but by the time i unlock my phone go to the camera app they’d be gone anyway.
Hope you enjoy the random update and stay tuned for the continuation for the WRX.


i haven’t updated this blog in a while and have a steady amount of people still visiting and that’s great to see. As you know i’m working with my buddy Tony to bring you It’s JDM yo blog and have neglected this one. I’m gonna use this blog to rant about random things. so beware it all will not be car related. Thanks for still coming by and hopefully you continue to come back and visit and support it’s JDM yo!