Beauty in the build: R32

R32’s are a fan favorite and it’s obvious why. This one is no different. Although it’s not on the floor or “hella slammed” it’s serves it’s function and just looks tough. RB26DETT under the hood and Nismo parts here and there. It’s simple and efficient.

Bobs Your Uncle: SEMA Coverage Pt. 1

Well I know it’s pretty late and I’m sure everyone has seen all or most of the nicest rides of SEMA but we wanted to bring our coverage to you anyway. We only attended SEMA one day because we didn’t have the luxury of going more days (darn work). We pretty much drove up after work the day before SEMA ended. So we knew we’d have a full day of work ahead of us Friday. Seeing that we had to wake up early for the last day we head over for registration to pick up our passes for the day and our luck they couldn’t find our name for media. Since we were pressed for time we asked how much it was to go into the event as a spectator. Who knew it was $75 for a day? Technically its $75 for the four day pass but seeing that we were there the last day thought they’d gives us a break. WRONG! Haha it wasn’t their fault but we decided to wait it and have them look for our Media passes again. Luckily enough they did find our registration and thus began our day.  I won’t jibber jabber too much but I wish we could have gone for a few days rather then rush the coverage into one day but there’s always next year.

How’s a modded Lada Riva look like? Here you go…

We had a pretty popular thread going on on our Facebook page and wanted to post it on the main site while we work on the SEMA coverage. Right when I saw this car i was stunned. Looks a little like a Datsun 510, with some BMW 2002 flair but in actuality it’s a a Lada Riva – Fiat 124 (aka seat 124 in spain). This car is legit with a RB26 power plant this car is a beast.
Check out the Pics by

RB26DETT Powered FD: RX-7

This FD is crazy and unique. RB26DETT powered RX-7 will definitely make people stop and stare as soon as that hood pops open. When I saw this car my jaw dropped. WOW! Exterior matches the whole them of the car and that’s awesome. Straight up show and go. Love the build and attention to detail the owner took with this build. Thinking outside the box always gets you noticed and here’s proof of that. Check it out.

RB26DETT: Top Secret Supra

Blasphemy! haha jk jk to each their own whether it be RB’s or 2JZ. You’re build your steez. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with this Supra from Top Secret with the RB26 swap. As it sits.  It’s art.