Death of

Death of a website . I’m going back to the roots of it all.
I worked on the website tryin to set up something new and different but it didn’t have what i was looking for. Maybe it was the name, (which WAS hella long .. haha..) or maybe i really wasn’t into it. But with that I’ll be bringing more updates to . I recently moved everything over from Local Carmotion over to the Bob’s your Uncle site so the work Mike Yanase, Whistle, and I did doesn’t go to waste. I’ll still be doing the car builds and coverages (when i can make it to a show) and dope stuff I happen to see and want to share with you guys.

I thank all the loyal followers that have followed this blog from day 1 and i hope to bring you something enjoyable and entertaining to keep you coming back for more.

Coming soon is coverage from the homie Robert of the FD event in Long Beach. It’s a little late but with the recent changes and the decision to move everything here delayed everything. Here’s a teaser from Roberts pics.