SEMA Finale Part IV

Fatlace Ben Sopra needs no introductions …

I think this was 1 of 2 S2000’s I saw at the show.

This FD3S was mean looking, Loved the look.

This Merc totally caught me off guard. Didn’t think much of it besides ey look super clean classic car. Till I walked over to the front of the car and saw the hood up and what i found under the hood O.o WOW!

Wasn’t the model that WOW’d me but …

The 2JZ-GTE fitted in the engine bay!!! There’s wasn’t many mods to the stock 2JZ but it was nice to see it in an old Merc style Benz. The car also was sporting a face lift interior. IS250 dash  gauges and center console fit just perfect in the car. Wish I had more photos but memory card problems = FAIL and pictures didn’t come out. 😦


Since the lack of updates here on the site. I wanted to post up a pretty sick find. Saw this FD3S and was like daaaang that car is bad ass. So i had to share it with you guys.

Project Pheonix: RX-7 UK Owned Japan Built

Interesting back round on this car basically guy had a rx7 in the UK… had a tuner there do some work which they f**ked up some how and it went up in a big ball of flames…

The guy then got a dealer in japan to look for a car for him and through some tuners insurance (wish we had that here), plus some of his own money had this built in japan then shipped back to him…

Here are some shots of the car before it was featured the UK Speedhunters had it featured.

RB26DETT Powered FD: RX-7

This FD is crazy and unique. RB26DETT powered RX-7 will definitely make people stop and stare as soon as that hood pops open. When I saw this car my jaw dropped. WOW! Exterior matches the whole them of the car and that’s awesome. Straight up show and go. Love the build and attention to detail the owner took with this build. Thinking outside the box always gets you noticed and here’s proof of that. Check it out.

Coverage: Autocon – LA: Santa Anita Park, Arcadia

July 21st 2012 Autocon brought a car show to Santa Anita Park in Arcadia for the first time. (From my experiences in the show scene i think this was the first time it’s been held there).

Lance Uchida a part of Bob’s Your Uncle took quite a few pics from the event so bare with us for more pics as we go through them and pick out the ones that stand out.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to go to the show, here’s the coverage:


Michael Mao’s NSX is well known in the show scene and it’s no surprise why.

Joey Lee from the Chronicles sick Q45 on the pavement .. love the Equips!

CCW’s never get old . . Supra + CCW classics = Awesome!

Big Mike’s Prelude looking clean as usual. So nice.

FD RX-7: Cruisin’

The RX-7 is one of those cars that was ahead of it’s time. Body styling that could match any of the cars today and not look out of place is a pretty big feat for a car from the 90’s. Check out the car rolling and slight peak at the engine bay . Total teaser. Wish i could find more pics of this car.

RE Amemiya: Hard RX7

With the post I posted yesterday with the RX7 and Porsche Duo I remembered the RE Amemiya RX7 that’s a total blend of both looks. Definitely outside the box thinking and it works. Not a fan of the rear of this car so I didn’t add the picture but the video below so you can check it out.


The Drive Home: Car Gazing

The drive home was pretty interesting last night. Didn’t expect to see these cars all on the same street within miles of each other. It was pretty cool. I didn’t take pics of them while driving cause that’s pretty hard to do, so. I looked up cars that look just like the ones I passed on the way home. It was like a drive through car show. Dope cars in the Rowland area for sure.

Started off with Godzilla haha. GTR. coming off the 60 freeway.

Pulling out the 76 was a red RHD civic

What looked to me like a drift spec FD black with the GT wing. No front bumper on the one i saw but still looked good.

Last but not lease Gen 1 XB flat black on some wheels.

Good car gazing day for the drive home.