Formula D Tech Inspection X Import Tuner Meet P3

We’ll have one more part to the Formula D tech inspection and Import Tuner meet after this post, then move on to the Royal Orgins Vegas meet. That we were also able to attend this past weekend.


Formula D Tech X Import Tuner Meet P.1

Irvine Cars and coffee location but with a little twist. Formula D Tech inspection and Import Tuner cover car search meet took over and looks like it brought out a lot of cars. Our old buddy and one of the newest edition to BobsYrUncle crew Emu Viana went out to cover the event and bring you some pics.

As i go through the pics i notice a common thing .. WOW there’s a lot of white cars!!! I remember when white, black cars were a definite no no’s for magazine covers but maybe things changed? But, guess that’s besides the point. I wanted to start off the coverage with the abundance of white cars then we’ll switch gears and go to the normal coverage of the event in the next episode.

Toys for Tots: via Chuck’s Creations & Banshee Auto Tunin

I had the pleasure of going to an event this past weekend that means more then just going to show off your car or going to a meet to talk about cars, but to give a little to the community. This one was set up by Chuck’s Creations and Banshee Auto Tunin through the Marines Corps Reserve.  It was a pretty cool set up with a lot of different styles of cars and not to mention really organized event for being their first. They even had awards to give out! That was pretty top notch for a charity event. I was glad to be able to go donate a toy and hang out and take pics.  So, with that said .. on to the pics.

Thought it was pretty cool to incorporate the hatch window to the rear.

I like the diversity of the crowd when you walk around and can respect the build and enthusiasm for the car nature we all share.

This Porsche was mint!

This was another mint car! Loved every bit of it .

The Drive Home: Car Gazing

The drive home was pretty interesting last night. Didn’t expect to see these cars all on the same street within miles of each other. It was pretty cool. I didn’t take pics of them while driving cause that’s pretty hard to do, so. I looked up cars that look just like the ones I passed on the way home. It was like a drive through car show. Dope cars in the Rowland area for sure.

Started off with Godzilla haha. GTR. coming off the 60 freeway.

Pulling out the 76 was a red RHD civic

What looked to me like a drift spec FD black with the GT wing. No front bumper on the one i saw but still looked good.

Last but not lease Gen 1 XB flat black on some wheels.

Good car gazing day for the drive home.

Impact on Compacts

Compact cars have always been strong in the scene. Affordable and fun to drive. I haven’t seen to many posts or fanboys like the ol’ Scion craze where Scion crews would take over any event they heard was going on. Which could be a good thing but still it’s weird not to hear about the small cars making an impact anymore. Either that or I’m so disconnected from the scene now a days I don’t know what’s going on out there at the shows and meets. Found some pics of cars I wouldn’t mind owning or seeing at some events (whenever I go to one)

I’m sure there’s plenty of compacts I’m not thinking of but these came to mind first.


Elemental Experience

Honda Elements, We see them everywhere but none really that fixed up. I don’t know why? Specially with the Scion XB being all boxy and so into the mainstream but i guess to each their own. I had one for a solid year before I sold mine but like with any car I’ve owned, the mod bug bit me and from day 1 I brought it home from off the lot I was already researching what parts might fit and got started ordering my parts. My Honda Element of choice was the 2009 SC model and I do admit I miss that car. Roomy interior, styling was cool, and it was different from any other car I’d owned before. Wasn’t too fond of the power band and gas mileage but go figure it’s a box on wheels it’s aero-dynamically inefficient. If I could get one with 32+MPG i’d definitely think about getting another one. Well onto teasing with few pictures:

Here’s pictures my Elemental experience in the first few weeks, As i find more pics i’ll update again.

2009 Honda Element SC