Memories/ rant: flash back to Showoff Classic 2005

Don’t know why but I was going through some old files and stumbled across Showoff Car show folder from 2005 and wow the memories.

The scene has changed so much from back in the day. I don’t know if it was the rawness of the scene and the enthusiasts then were more hardcore. Liked to work on their cars at home , learned as they were working on the car? I dunno ? Seems to me the scene evolved from the raw, build a dope car in your garage, get your paint job and show it.. to HEY!!!  I have  more flashing lights and glow in the dark car..  to Whoa you have rich folks sponsoring your car? To what we see and whisper about now.

It’s come a long way. I’m not sayin 2005 is old school at all cause it really isn’t but for the sake of the post im using that as a reference point.

I’d like to say the scene will make a full circle one day a start fresh (hopefully exclude the strobes and underglow) just get back to the raw enthusiast out to have a good time feel. The type where you’re just thinking I want to work on my car in the garage then show off my work without being judged so harshly like I see now a days. Many of you have noticed me being completely M.I.A from the scene (my car goes because I have a good friend that to me has the car enthusiast attitude I had when i was younger) as for ME myself you wont see at the car show or meet just because i feel burned out. I love cars always have and always will but to go every weekend spend 12 hrs at a show and see the same cars over and over isn’t my cup of tea. I know some of you might say i go to kick it with homies and obviously that’s what i did. Cause i wasn’t there to see the cars anymore. If it wasn’t for friends and models i literally would fall asleep. At when i was going frequently and winning shows i’ll remember one remark that just made me feel like shit. “You’re shitting on everybody when you come to a car show”  << something like that and all i could do was think really? i give no chance to anyone else to win and show off their work? So that also pushed me and the car away for some time. So thats a reason you wont see the IS300 or me at too many events. But anyways. Back to the “Memories”

When i think of pre Underglow and strobe light days i just remember being able to talk to fellow builders about things you’ve done or are going to do to your car, what their plans were and it’d be a legit conversation no pissing contest. No trying to up the person you’d be talkin to and say you’re doing this better then them or put them down without them knowin. Don’t know if that makes sense. But it’s hard to explain, specially since i’m not a good writer.

If there was a car that made your jaw drop you can find the owner and they’d be the most humble person ever and they’d give you some pointers and you’d feel like cool i learned something new. Now i get that sense if you dont have the same make or model car or the profile they think your should look and you ask someone it’s like eh… who are you and why you wanna know (he’s gonna copy me attitude) I get somethings are things you want to keep original or keep to yourself like offsets and stuff cause honestly i went through so many sets of wheels before i finally found the right size and offset. but that’s just me i did my homework and learned it may have been the hard way but i learned. I think we need really look to the old skool folks and learn something. Be humble appreciate builds other then the make and model you yourself are working on and do you.

Not even sure if my rant is gonna read right or make any sense but just wanted to share something.

on to the pics


(excuse the crude blurry pics- probably had a cheap camera then)

My first Show worthy car. 99 Toyota Camry

My 93 RHD DA8  Definitely miss this car.

I’m sure everyone remember Joey Lee from the Chronicles Accord. Super clean and he put a lot of work into this car.

Lisa Uchida’s AE86

and what kinda coverage would this be without any models. I’m sure you’ll recognize them

– damn blurry pics

It’s official ! Nisei week showoff car show

It’s in full affect Nisei car show official poster car!! that’s my car!!!

Wallpaper will be updated on soon. It’s great to be apart of this show that i’ve attended for so long. It’s a total classic in the industry. It’ll be a sad to see this show come to an end after 15 years of being the most awaited show of the year by many. The best of the best show here even in record breaking heat. I hope it’s not the end.
Flyers are being distributed to local car shops to get the word out . I love press!!
can’t wait to get my hands on the flyer too. Showoff brothers sent me the preview.

check it: