R32: Black or White?

I’ve always been a fan of the older model Skylines and R32 is one the top choices for me in their line behind the Kenmeri and R33.

I was browsing online and stumbled on these R32 drifting and thought hrmm. Which would i prefer Black or White? Of course i’m only dreaming of owning one but it’s a nice thought to think I could pick from one of the 2 below. haha.

BobsYrUncle crew goes to Cars & Coffee, Irvine P.1

Car & Coffee Irvine is always something to look forward to even when it’s meeting the homies up at 6:15 in the morning. I met up with few friends at the Irvine Spectrum and caravan-ed it to Cars and Coffee shortly after.


Finally parked and ready to walk around the meet. 

Beauty in the build: R32

R32’s are a fan favorite and it’s obvious why. This one is no different. Although it’s not on the floor or “hella slammed” it’s serves it’s function and just looks tough. RB26DETT under the hood and Nismo parts here and there. It’s simple and efficient.





Hakosuka: Photo Shoot: Ready Set Go

For those not familiar with the term. Hakokuka:

Hakosuka (ハコスカ) by fans. Hako (ハコ) means Box in Japanese, and suka(スカ) is short for Skyline (スカイライン; Sukairain)

I’ve been on an old school feel for a minute now first this week with the Datsun post and now with the Hakosaku andwhen there’s an opportunity to show an nice group of pics i want to share it with the readers and subscribers. This is a dream car to most and definitely a car museum piece. Literally a great model car that was the milestone for the GT-R.
Our model for the day GT-R Skyline all sudsy and looking great.
Shoot preparation

 With the wash out the way I think we’re ready for a some pics.

One of my favorite seats Bride Gias – Low Max

Fairlady Z: Restoration

Restoration of an old school car has got to be the most rewarding feeling. Building a car to show room status has got to be a feat to be proud of. Looking at these pics of this Fairlady Z (Datsun 240Z) this owner must be over joyed with the results. I can only imaging tryin to find parts for a car of the early 70’s. So congratulations to the owner of this car for putting together this masterpiece.