Random: Ducati love

Well i have another update in the works with the Subi in the previous post a continuation but since i’m in Ft. Lauderdale for work and don’t have my computer i guess i’ll update with something else to fill the time since i’m stuck at a convention. 😦

While out in Ft. Lauderdal i’ve just been seeing a boat load of bikes and just day dreamin of when i used to own my own. Saw this particular bike and my jaw dropped! Loved it! Dude had a girl on the back and a crew with him so it was a pretty dope sight to see.

Wish i could have actually got a picture of the group and the bike i saw but by the time i unlock my phone go to the camera app they’d be gone anyway.
Hope you enjoy the random update and stay tuned for the continuation for the WRX.