Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT3

Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT2

Toyotafest part deux

2nd part of toyotafest

2000gt always reminds me of a bond car.

Engine shot ::drooll:: simple & clean

Car reminds me of Knight Rider so i’m sure Hoff wasn’t too faraway. haha. jk jk. Car looks pretty sick black on black Mark III (Check out the meat on the rear tires)

Another black on black but this time Mark IV

reminds me of a buddy of mines car which has a feature coming up on this site so keep watch for that one.

Oooo Shiiiiney!!! Love it twin turbo happy .

Buddy i haven’t seen in a while Nick Stonawski’s Supra. Always good catching up with that guy .

Sea of Supras..

Toyota Tuesday: 1977 Celica GT ST2000

Felt a little nostalgic today and started thinking of an old school car I’d love to own and work on and the Toyota Celica ST2000 Lift back was the first thing to pop into my head. Mustang inspired Toyota has an awesome¬†seamless¬†design, used in a lot of Japan anime and is a definite favorite to many Toyota enthusiasts. Here are a few pics of modded to stock Celicas: