Toyota Carina

One of the less talked about cars in the Toyota line up. Probably because we don’t see it stateside. Although we do see pics of the Crown pop up from time to time. I never really recall seeing pics of a Carina unless it’s mistaken for a Cressida. Wagon or Sedan I personally love them. Check out the pics below and you be the judge. Would you rock one ?

Toyota Supra: A Retrospective – XCAR

Sharing this from a friend that’s an absolute Supra fan Mr. Supra Nick.

“”Wow! For once a video with true stats and true auto enthusiast opinion rather than the usual BS about the Supra!”

Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT3

Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT2

Toyotafest AKA TORC: Queenmary Long Beach PT1

Toyotafest is one of my favorite events to go to not only because of the nice location at the Queenmary but because of it’s roots. Toyota Owners and Restorer’s Club (TORC) AKA Toyotafest bring the enthusiast through the years, old and new together for a gathering that just feels so humble. No crazy model lounges or loud music from 10 different booths. Just cars, raffles and enthusiasts. I try and attend this event every year since I’ve found out about it maybe 7-10 years ago and have fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones there.

I have my own coverage of the event but wanted to introduce on of the BobsYrUncle crew Eric Gamboa that participated at the event and took a few photos to share.


BobsYrUncle Crew: IS300

Here’s one of our Photographers and supporters from New York’s IS300 Josh Chacon’s been working with us for a while and when the opportunity comes up he comes through with some great shots for us. Here’s his personal car rocking the BobsYrUncle decal on the back.

Toyota Supra: Mark II A60

Feeling a little nostalgic after the last post that i wanted to share another old school ride. Mark II Supra A60 also known as the the Celica XX or Celica Supra Mark II. This one is well executed and I wish i could see more of these types of builds state side. So Clean!!


(If you like this check out their FB page)

Throwback: Curtis Chen’s Supra

I’ve always been a fan of the homie Curtis Chen’s Supra project back when it looked like the 1st pic below and as his project progressed and when it was put into action my jaw dropped and being able to see the changes and challenges this Supra has been through was great. I always used to see Curtis and the car and the shop i frequented a lot called in Creative in Sante Fe Springs and seeing the track prep was always cool. Having experience with Time attack events and winning the Castrol Syntec Top Car challenge in 2010 this car has done it all.

Castrol challenge: line up

Wallpaper of the Castrol challenge competitors

Lexus: ES300/ Windom VIP

Don’t see many of the Lexus Es300 also known in Japan as the Toyota Windom on the roads but when I do they’re usually driven by old people. It’d be pretty nice to see more done up and rocking this VIP style. They’re more affordable then the LS400 of the same era and not a gas guzzler which is a definite plus. Although it’s not a true VIP platform it’s still a solid well build Toyota/ Lexus. Definitely a good buy and with gas prices dropping the less money on gas you spend the more you have for mods and that’s always a plus. Food for thought when buying a car with potential.