BobsYrUncle Crew: IS300

Here’s one of our Photographers and supporters from New York’s IS300 Josh Chacon’s been working with us for a while and when the opportunity comes up he comes through with some great shots for us. Here’s his personal car rocking the BobsYrUncle decal on the back.

UK Jonathon Jameson IS200

These pics were submitted to the Bobsyruncle fanpage from a winner of our contests we occasionally have for decals. This lexus IS200 2L straight 6 is from the UK. From what the owner tells me it was just fitted the TTE Supercharger kit a few months ago and also recently added bigger pulley he’s now running 0.6 bar of boost. Which is pretty impressive.  EMS chosen to run this 1G-FE is a Greddy Emanage that will be tuned to fit larger injectors and FMIC that are coming in the near future. All in all it’s an impressive build and i can’t wait to get updates on this beast.

USDM FREAX Magazine: IS300 Feature

I wanted to give a BIG Congratulations to one of our own Bobsyruncle homies and Fan page admins for his feature in the USDM FREAX’s magazine that dropped today. Well deserved and through all the hard work blood and sweat dreams do come to reality.

Great job and congrats Tomas Coromina’s for your feature and build!

The Chosen: SXEcrew RD Video Release

I’ve been putting up teasers of The Chosen video and the final video is up! Pretty sick video of the tuner life style in the Dominican Republic. SXEcrew out there is doing big things and you guys know i’m a huge IS300 fan so this collection of different styles of IS300’s and Altezza’s on the streets was just awesome to see.

IS300 Dreams to Reality: Revisited

Got an updated pic from the homie Tomas Corominas in NY  with a fresh set of wheels and mann!! Car looks phenomenal! Lovin’ the look on the SP1’s.

Here’s the Original post IS300 Dreams to Reality

IS300 Dreams to Reality

Homie Tomas just got his car done an sent some really good pics. Car is fresh to death and I’m glad he chose Bobs Your Uncle to show everyone . I have so many great things to say about the car and tw quality of build but picture speaks a thousand words and I’ll let the pics do the talking for this one




Extensive mod list but detailed non the less.

NY: TRD NEO double take

Kevin and Shawn have some sick IS300’s and having real TRD Neo is awesome to see but when you have 2 that’s just twice the visual pleasure. To see the same kit but executed differently is always a plus. These cars are Clean and streetable beasts and i love the direction they’re going with them. Light weight Enkei racing wheels on one and the 3pc Racing Harts !!! (with caps LUCKY!)(I’m STILL looking for caps if anyone has leads let me know) can’t go wrong with either of those choices.
Enjoy !