Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 3

Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 1

Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 2

Coverage: Wekfest New Jersey August 28, 2012

Wekfest New Jersey August 28th looked like it was a great turn out. We had our East Coast chapter at the show taking great coverage.

Coverage brought to you by our homie Josh



WEKFEST III edition – Roll in and … eats?

Alright we’ve left off at the start of roll in to the venue and we’re gonna continue from there. Not gonna lie but it was an early roll in and i was barely awake. So let’s begin …

Co-pilot Kathy give me the dueces LOL.. and.. oddly awake this early in the morning ..  but thanks for the support.

Not every day you see a Audi R8 showing so this was definite treat to see rolling in.

One of my fav pics from the roll in: Old skool meeting new skool

Some homies i saw there in the wee hours of the morning .. Tony aka TK, Mike Y. and Mikeyyyyyy (which was helping out with the event and handling business)

TK just got his car out the shop a few days before the show and still drove it up. Thats down !!

Salem’s car which is always clean .. love the way everything flows. Definitely form w/ function

Noel’s car looks clean as ever!! More pics of it coming later. Tried to get his brother Bert’s WRX  which is also bad ass but it was a blurry shot since they we’re rolling in to the building..

Clean Lexus! ::thumbs up::

That’s pretty much it for roll in coverage. Cause it was early and i was hungry we walked over next door to the farmers market shindig they had going on and got some food. Good amount of people were at that and all of them wondering what the heck was going on next door with all the funny looking, loud cars. haha. Kids asking what’s the noise and some parents telling them it was a low rider show had me cracking up.

Here’s the market and next pic is the grub!! They had all kinds of food, organic, chinese, polish/german, and good ol’american rotisserie.

Of course i get this LOL

BIG weiner.. LOL . jk jk .

From the farmers market eating area you can see the line was getting crazy and i stopped eating my ginormous wang dog to take some pics of the line and some kids getting harrassed by the cops i have no idea what they mighta done but the officer looked pretty annoyed and sat them on the curb. I was guessing possibly smoking out but eh, who knows.

The line just goes and goes and goeeeees.. !!!

Next update will be the show cars INSIDE the venue and a whole lot of them.

SF Adventure day 2 Wekfest edition

Dang i’ve been seeing all the coverage from Wekfest IIIon all the other sites and they’re quick. I’m in the process of moving so bare with me guys. We’re barely on day 2 of the trip. LOL.
Day 2 saturday! We’ll obviously we’re not at the car show coverage since the shows was on Sunday, but i wanted to take you through my days in SF. I already told you about the drive up and the mishap with the car so we’ll move forward. Sunday was pretty chill. Everyone i knew had hotels that were pretty far from me so me and Kathy ended up chillen locally at the warf since i wanted to stay by the venue. Which was blocks away and blocks away from the Pier 39.

First stop was Boudin’s cause you really can’t go to SF without having the clam chowder specially since it was hella cold and STILL raining and walking to the warf.. mann. Alaskan air or something was blowing but definitely needed something hot. Apparently by the 2nd picture everyone else wanted clam chowder and some of the famous sourdough.

After was some time at the delicious food spot we went to check thing out around the Warf we ended up at The Wax Museum which was VERY interesting. I dunno how some of these figures are suppose to look like celebrities and history figures. I went through a ton of pictures and picked one that actually was decent.  Check it out below and you be the judge. Other then the wax museum and walking around checking the local stores and seeing the sites we ended up back at the hotel to see if anyone was near by .

-which no one was 😦 –

I’ll let the the pictures and inserts fill ya in. check it out .

The walk in rain and cold all worth it for this!!! Yumm

Rain cold and there was stll SO many people still walking around enjoying the food and the sites. Crazy i tell you CRAZY!

DOPEST candystore i’ve been in OMG. it looked like Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

The Wax Museum , best picture out of a A Lot .. they looked better in person.

Kathy’s contribution and attempt at being a Photographer. haha i don’t know why she thought was hilarious but eh..

Here’s her debut me taking a piss haha.

Nights falling and the Next day is the show!!!! Got to watch the Dunk contest which was AMAZING!!!!  Glad i didn’t forget about it and was way better then last year. Double dunk and a leap over a car! WIN written all over it! No one else around the area and Early roll in ended up just relaxing. Couldn’t wait for the show.. super excited!!!

SUNDAY sneak peak preview!!!!!! WEKFEST III  roll in.

San Francisco Adventure. Wekfest or Bust

I don’t even know where to start because it was just such a mission to get to SF. I was able to get of work early and the plan was to leave by 2pm Friday but there were speed bumps cause from previous trips North have never been easy. So 2pm was suppose to be take off time and it was already 3:30p and no sign of my co-pilot aka gf. Then, the distress call.. she ran outta gas rushing to get to my house but didn’t quiet make it. Had to go get her and put some gas in her car. We drop off the car and it’s now 4pm,  leave time? Eh wasn’t too bad .. thought alright, coo. Lets go!

Gas up before hitting the road and SF bound!!! Next speed bump was a loose power cable in the trunk where the battery is. Which flipped a relay off in the trunk!!  And having no access to my trunk but my key remote had bad news written all over it. No key hole because there’s a reverse camera in it’s place, which also cancelled out the manual lever by the seat. Rear seats don’t go down on the IS300 and the ski boot isn’t accessible from the inside. So what to do? Sat there with no power no jumper cables and no local friends in the area. Called a few people for suggestions and they all weren’t possible without jumper cables and help. So all i had was a Home Depot near by and being frustrated isn’t a good thing. Ended up popping a hole in the trunk and opening it manually .. Isn’t bad cause it’s not visible but Oh hurt so bad to cut the metal. It’s now bout 6:30 and raining GREAT!! But the car was running and I was determined not to miss this show! Here’s the first part of the adventure for Friday i’ll continue with Saturdays part of the trip next. Stay tuned

Gas Station where the cars power cable flipped the relay 😦

SF Bound !! but now it’s raining hard and traffic!! FAIL FAIL FAIL haha. Wekfest or Bust!

8 hrs later with torrential rains and traffic … The Bay Bridge!! we’ve arrived!

Local SF Gas station for some gas and Car’s running like a champ !

View from the room next morning..

Rain just wont go away and it’s FREEZING!!

Ready for day 2 of this adventure!! It’s raining and we’re still going out to explore and have some clam chowder! HKS umbrella ready to go!

On that note. follow up for Saturdays fun.