UConn Car Club Annual Car Show

We have coverage from the UConn Car Club Annual Car Show that was this past weekend April 14th Located Rentschler Field, East Hartford CT from our East Coast fam Jeff Aldana.

Mini-Island Import Day: Farmingville NY

September 3rd Farmingville, New York was the Mini-Island Import Day meet with a variety of cars, import, euro and even some domestic muscle and overall looked like a great meet and good get together. Our boy Josh was able to make it to the meet and take some pics so we can share with you.


Coverage: Autocon – LA: Santa Anita Park, Arcadia

July 21st 2012 Autocon brought a car show to Santa Anita Park in Arcadia for the first time. (From my experiences in the show scene i think this was the first time it’s been held there).

Lance Uchida a part of Bob’s Your Uncle took quite a few pics from the event so bare with us for more pics as we go through them and pick out the ones that stand out.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to go to the show, here’s the coverage:


Michael Mao’s NSX is well known in the show scene and it’s no surprise why.

Joey Lee from the Chronicles sick Q45 on the pavement .. love the Equips!

CCW’s never get old . . Supra + CCW classics = Awesome!

Big Mike’s Prelude looking clean as usual. So nice.

Jersey WRX revisited

As promised here are more pics of the WRX.

Thought it’d be cool to bring more then just the exterior and show the inside of the cabin . Which looks pretty clean. Dunno about the warning sign kicking it in front of the passenger seat but eh. Still like how the inside just looks simple  and nice.

New Jersey WRX

(Sorry pic quality isn’t the greatest)(hopefully get some better pics of this car down the road with some new updates)

This WRX from New Jersey that was brought to my attention and it’s nice to have people communicate with me even though i haven’t been too involved in the scene lately. This car  belongs to Chet Pelino and it’s coming a long pretty well. i was sent an earlier picture when it was on some white GT-P’s and i def think the TE37’s are much better choice. Can’t wait to see what else this car will bring to the table.

It’s always nice seeing builds from across the country and i appreciate the chance to bring this car to you to see.

Here’s some stats on Chet’s WRX

Check it..


JDM OEM sidemarkersJDM OEM headlights ( authentic not cleared ) JDM OEM foglights JDM OEM bumper beamJDM OEM spec C tailight modcusco gt front lipcusco zero 2e suspensioncusco radiator capApexi n1 turboback exhaust Raybrig Rear foglight NUKABE front and rear tow hookJDM static bar VOLKS TE37 bronzeKICS r40 neo chro extended lug nuts VOLKS center caps

NARDI taniguchi NOB limited edition steering wheelNRG version 2.5 quick release hub MOMO hub adaptorFIELDS afc CUSCO shift knobBRIDE type FG low max rails BRIDE VIOS III with gradation clothTAKATA 4 point harness
KENWOOD DNX 8120 dvd navigation unitBOSTON ACOUSTICS sl60 front component speakersBOSTON ACOUSTICS S50 rear speakers BOSTON ACOUSTICS GT50 amplifier BOSTON ACOUSTICS g2 12 inch subwoofer custom trunk set up