Audi TT: RS Race

Audi? I’ve been out of the scene for a while now so I don’t know if they’re popular to fix up anymore but I know I don’t see any on the rode fixed up. But whether or not you own one, I’m sure you like going fast, so this Audi TT RS is definitely a car you’d like to drive! This race version one just stood out to me . It’s not stanced, hellaflush or cambered to the max but it’s damn nice!

Wishful Wednesday

Cars I would love to own and wishing for:

I’d definitely rock anyone of the cars below if I could but i’ll keep wishing and hoping to win the lotto

This Jaguar XKR-S stood out to me in the commercial maybe because of the color (since it resembles my IS300) but I also think the styling on this thing is pretty boss for the Jaguar group.

GTA Spano (Car looks nuts) amazing and car you don’t even hear about .

Faralli & Mazzanti Evantra another car no one talks about or sees on the streets.

Techart Porsche 911 GT3 RS a more familiar car but definitely art n motion . Techart always bring the good stuff.

Day in the life: Civic

I had a friend help me out while I was getting some work done on my Benz and he let me borrow his EG Civic for a day and I gotta say it bring me back. Slammed, exhaust, H22 and just Raw! Reminded me of the past and how at one time of another the older generation may have owned something like this. I wouldn’t try and relive my past at all an get another cause I’m getting old haha and honestly as much as I love the power to weight ratio and the exhaust a noise. I couldn’t do it everyday! Man I felt old. Started complaining to myself sayin how the hell did I deal with the exhaust note! Wow my ears are tryin to decide radio or exhaust tone (which I listen to) but none the less I have the respect for the build as its not for me cause I’m getting to that old fart age and like the quiet Ill relive my youth by seeing the younger generation have fun and build there cars. EG is definitely an icon in scene and I don’t think that’ll ever change. On to the pics