more.. 13 Devils memories and new updates on ride

Here’s another of my old teammates Tony L. He’s was a major contributer back in his day on 13D with his full Carbon front end and kit ( i believe he was the only one with this set up). The car just popped and had a short lived show career. Why? Hell if i know. i think the car coulda taken home awards and trophies like crazy if he woulda pursued it more.
Here’s the car in it’s haaaaay day!! LOL .



and .. now it’s current state. *drum roll please!!!
check it .

it’s was niice in it’s prime and hopefully eveyone will remember it the way it was and not the way it ended up. by the way Tony was fine from the accident. A little sore but still ok . thank goodness.
We’ll miss the car and always remember 🙂

off to new projects.. maybe i can do a write up whatever car he gets and update on new mods he adds to it.. possibility hrmmm.

Team 13 Devils throw back..

This was my old team mate Kandy purple Paul G. 350Z it was a media whore in its hay day. Most remember it being red but anyway, since then (maybe 3 years ago) he’s sold it. Apparently to someone local and from what i see nothings been touched. It’s in Great condition way to pay respect to someone’s build, no tear down or part out. Props to the new owner!
check it:

My HKS, Chargespeed IS300 @ Spocom 2009, Long beach

Spocom was interesting yet again. Last year was a little of a disappointment and i brushed it off and thought eh, they’re still working out the kinks with judging. But this year: Come on now NO LEXUS class!? there were a ton of Lexus cars at the show. Yet you send a judge to come around and not check if there was anything my car could have competed in? Sure, i could of asked but i would figure it’s the judge that places you into a certain category he/she would think you could compete in.
Ah such a disspointment. I don’t have to win something but give the trophies to whom deserve it. JDM winner. not to knock him and his build but there’s plenty of other competitors with much more JDM parts on their car or just rare Japanese parts that should get recognized.
I’m over the show unless they can shape up and get things right next year.
Anyways i wanted to share some pics of my blue bucket that Joey AKA stickydiljoe from the Chronicles took. thanks buddy.
Check it:

car jacking attempt.

well my friend said it best so i’ll let him explain it

words by “the Chronicles: stickydiljoe”
“Oh one more thing. I came home today to news that my boy Billy (with the Laguna Seca Blue IS300) was jumped when two guys tried to take his M3 from him. Pretty fucked up world we live in when a guy can’t even get a burrito without some stupid shit happening to him. What a shame. Not like the guy is a pushover either, I mean, he trains MMA and isn’t exactly a small guy. Shit just ain’t fair when it’s 2-on-1 and people are sucker-punching you and shit. The good news is that he’s okay and left with only a couple bruises. Luckily they didn’t take his car and just took off. You always hear people on the net talking shit about how we don’t drive our cars and how we just garage them. Well, what the fuck do you expect? We can’t even go out and get some food without some motherfuckers trying to take our shit from us. Nevermind car theft, how about getting straight car-jacked? Oh and yes, he still got his burrito by the way. That’s Billy for ya. Nothing can stop him from getting his burrito, even when faced with tremendous adversity. Keep your head up son….Crazy fucking world I tell ya….”

well said my friend. well said! thank you .

tryin things on. CSL Euro Spec -test fit-

I’ve had this trunk sitting in my garage since i got this car a few months ago and never got the urge to test fit it but for some reason i’ve been wanting to get back in the game and do some new things to the car. I believe it’s a Euro Spec trunk and it fits well. A little off but what aftermarket isn’t? With a little adjustment and paint it’ll look good.
Installed it with my buddy Ryan and it came out ok.
check it:
dunno if i’m going to go this route since i already have the CSL carbon add on on my OEM trunk but we’ll see. Might just ditch the idea and try and get another truer CSL trunk. LOL. stay tuned.

NEW!!! BMW M3 E92

Had an opportunity to go check out the new E92 M3 about a week ago and i can actually say i’m not too impressed. The power is there, obviously! but the interior lacks the M3 feel. It’s just so plain to me there’s no more driver to road feel, guess i’m tryin to say it lacks grittiness where it’s just \ race with luxury feel. It’s too soft on the inside. Specially for a Sports/ Luxury car with the M badge on it!!
I love the way it looks and totally fell in love with the exterior but the interior! It just left me saying really!? that’s it? reminds me of the 335 everything except the seats that have adjustable bolsters that hold you snug if needed and the noticeable bolster adjustments that move to hold you in place when into a deep turn. Which is pretty cool. Other then that being key awesomeness to the interior i have nothing else positive to say. LOL . So let’s go back to the exterior .. Haven’t noticed on any other M3’s but the roof is CARBON!!! whoa! when this come in? i thought it was only on the M6??? Guess i need to keep up with the germans ey . haha.
Here’s a quick pick of the rows and rows of M3’s i was looking at and seeing all the options they offer in a variety of colors.

check it :


and this would be something i’d like to see in my garage one day :
Ericsson kitted and BBS rimed E92 M3



picture from: