EVO X: TrackFun

Time flew by so quickly I meant to do a couple updates this week but I was only able to bring you one. So I’m bringing you another feature vehicle. This time track side. Thought I’d try and see we can fire out a BobsYrUncle crew or supporter feature once a week.
This is a homie of mine, Daniel Park. he recently sent me these pics of his Evo X at ButtonWillow and I thought they were blog worthy, definitely wanted to share. Hopefully we can make it out to the track and get some coverage ourselves. But till then these pics will have to do.


Miata Mayhem: Perzbenz Edition

We’re glad to bring you a feature from time to time and this time we have a friend Sean Alinaghian’s 1992 Mazda Miata. He just recently sold it because the car was at a point where it just needed either boost or a new power plant to be complete and he decided he’d rather go on to building another car.  We’ll update more pictures on the Bobsyruncle fanpage if you want to see more of Sean’s Miata.

Mod list after the pictures.

Autokonexion FG NC/NA Adore Front Bumper
Autokonexion FG Blister 30mm Fenders
Autokonexion GT Side Skirts
Autokonexion GT Rear Quarter Panels
Autokonexion V1 FG Front flares
Autokonexion V1 FG Trunk
APR GT GT Side mirrors
Slick Auto APR Sidemirror Miata mounts
Miata Turn Signal Induction Kit
Go Miata Low Profile Headlights
Antenna plug
Frankenstein Bolts
OEM Hardtop w/ headliner and defroster
Hardtop Spoiler
New Top of door weather stripping
Altezza tailights that I tinted using niteshades
Hexis Variochrome Pearl White Vinyl, i have 5ft x about 10ft left over.
Under the vinyl the color is Rustoleum battleship gray.

Porsche GT3 Replica Seats on no name mounts.
Hard Dog M1 Roll bar
Miata Boss Frog Seat Belt Adapters
Black Door panels (with arm rests)
Black Dash
Black Seat belts
New OEM black shift boot
New interior top of door rubber stripping
New black carpeting
Momo Prototipo Steering Wheel
Daikei Hub Adaptor
Black Textured Voodoo Shift Knob
Injoy Visor blanking plates
Injoy Radio Delete
Auxiliary Connector in center arm rest
Sony Amplifier (in the trunk)
Focal Coaxial speakers in the doors

Engine has about 70k miles on the rebuild from PO. I did some extensive work on refreshing the motor in the past 2000 miles.

Megan EZ-Streets
New inner and outer tierods and new boots.
Work CR01 15×9 -3 15×8.5 +3
Hankook 225/45 RS3’s – 1k or less miles on them
Wilwood LBBK 4 Piston Front calipers

Doing it Right: Civic EK

This Florida Civic EK had my attention right away with how clean it was. Nothing over the top and no unnecessary flair. Nice interior touches with the Recaro Tomcats and matching door panels and rear sets. It’s all in the details and this hatch in my eyes is doing it right.

Photos by El fuego Studios

Auto Fashion Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.2

Wrapping up the Auto Fashion Grand Opening with this post. I wish I could have taken more photos but the crowds made it a little difficult to get a nice shot. Even the sun over head, blazing like a hot summer day didn’t help with the shadows and was just too much light. All in all it was a great get together and Grand Opening and i can’t wait to go visit the shop again and check it out.

Congrats Freddie – Mr. AutoFashion!    http://www.autofashionusa.com

Auto Fashion USA Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.1

We want to congratulate our friend Freddie on his tremendous job arranging his Grand Opening! It looked great! Granted the BobsYrUncle crew did get there later then expected. But we made it!! What had happened was….. We planned on leaving the LA area around 7 am to get there early and reserve some new spots and talk to Freddie and what not and literally ended up leaving at 9:30 instead. Uber FAIL. I’m just going to blame day light savings for that one. SMH.

We ended up at Auto Fashion around 12 and missed the ribbon ceremonies but the event was packed even when we headed out for food around 3 it was still packed!

Great turn out and a lot of nice cars I wasn’t able to capture every single one, nor do i think i would. (i ain’t got time fo dat)

It was good seeing all the homies i hadn’t seen in a while and meeting new people.

Here’s part 1 of coverage from the show for you to enjoy.

NYS DRIVE Act: Ban “Assault Vehicles”

This a must read for those in NY. Straight bullcrap is this the future? If it goes well there will they start doing it on other states? Continue reading to see what it’s all about.

Via http://www.policymic.com

“Just a month after the passage of the New York state Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (SAFE), comes another noble nanny-state proposal from the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo. The New York Directive to Regulate Inessential Vehicle Effectiveness Act (DRIVE) seeks to limit the capabilities of so-called “assault vehicles” which contributed to the deaths of 1,077 people and injury to over 128,000 on New York State roadways in 2011. The city of New York reported another 250 deaths and over 49,000 injuries resulting from vehicular assaults in the same period.

Cuomo stated, “this new law will limit vehicular violence through common sense, and reasonable reforms that will make New York a safer place to live. When society confronts serious issues, it is the function of government to do something, and the NY DRIVE Act will now give New York State the toughest, strongest protections against vehicular violence in the nation.”

Provisions in the DRIVE Act would ban multiple makers of vehicles including Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ferrari, as well as many more common models such as the Chevy Corvette and Camaro, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Charger.

“Classic” versions of these cars (those over 20 years old) would have to be reregistered with the state and have their ignition system removed. Cuomo remarked on the proposal, “these are the vehicles the police use. Citizens don’t need these vehicles. These vehicles serve no purpose for defensive driving.”

If passed, the DRIVE Act would ban the sale of these “assault vehicles” within New York State. Residents would be required to transfer or sell the vehicles out of state or turn them over to the NYS Department of Motors Vehicles (DMV) within one year. After one year, these vehicles would be banned from operation on NYS roadways. Violation through possession would result in charges of a Class D Felony, punishable by no more than 5 years in prison and a $7,500 fine.

Other provisions of the DRIVE Act include,

— Enhanced Driving Record checks to ensure those who have committed a vehicular crime in the past no longer have access to their weapon of choice.

— Bans on spoilers, low profile tires, ground effects kits, and the color red. In addition to many other speed enhancements.

— Bans on tinted windows for concealed occupant carry.

— Passenger limits of four persons per vehicle. Current vehicle capacity is exempted under the regulations as long as no more than four persons are loaded into the vehicle.

— Bans on passenger vehicles with a curb weight exceeding 4,000 lbs or more than 200 horsepower.

— Bans on commercial pickup trucks with greater than a half-ton bed capacity or greater than 400 foot-pounds of torque.

— Along with mandatory reporting of “large quantity” fuel purchases that could indicate use for illegal activity.

State Assemblyman Sheldon Silver (D) called Cuomo “the Mary Poppins of our time.” He went on to say, “under normal circumstances Governor Cuomo would prescribe a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down. However in this instance he can not with consideration of the NYS SODA Act on the table.” The SODA Act (State Order for Dietary Acceptability) requested by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would ban high capacity sugary drinks. Further provisions would seek to prevent the sale of so called “assault milkshakes” which wage daily war on the lactose intolerant.”