RB26DETT: Top Secret Supra

Blasphemy! haha jk jk to each their own whether it be RB’s or 2JZ. You’re build your steez. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with this Supra from Top Secret with the RB26 swap. As it sits.  It’s art.

JIC Magic: S14/ S15 Throwback Thursday

Throw back Thursday: I know these cars are still in the drift scene now but for me it’s a throw back of when I used to work at JIC and got to wrench on these beasts. Late night prep work before an event was never fun specially with a boss screaming behind you in Japanese.. bleh. Some memories should just stay in the past.

These cars came out beautifully and i’m glad to say I was able to see them being built. Enjoy. 

Poster/ wallpaper sized pic

Da Blackmobile: Is Wider Better? *Feature*

Sirv also known as Da Blackmobile on the Supra Forums car is, bad ass and one of the cleanest Supra’s I’ve seen. It’s WIDE! haha Custom metal body work that cost the homie a pretty penny was the start of his build then came the custom TRD that was extended 4 inches all around with a custom Top Secret front bumper. Wing was a Modellista Design Uchida carbon fiber wing that was actually made off his Supra.

Wheels I know you’re wondering are HRE 540’s with the fronts being 20 X 10.5 and the rears a staggering 20 X 13 with a 335/30/20 Michelin PS2’s. Tires that wide are always hard to find.

Sirv being a photographer himself took the pics (which is always awesome for me). Makes it a lot easier to do the features. He even had his model friend Chava model for some pics adding to the cool factor of doing a shoot on your own .


Da Blackmobile: Is Wider Better? Supra: Teaser

Is Wider Better? In this case it is… Here’s a teaser to the feature of the homie Sirv’s wide beast Supra. 13inch wide rims in the back.. oh yes please!

[Feature will be up in 2 day] Stay tuned:

Larger pic here

E-Impulse Garage AE86

So fresh and so clean! With all this FR-S, Toyota 86 hype I was thinking i just wanted to give props to the original 86. These are some of the cleanest ones i’ve seen and the exterior and motor work are just beatiful. Got to give props where props are due. E-Impulse Garage AE86 also featured on Hot-Version dvd, “My Car Challenge”

SRT Viper: Track Monster

New SRT Viper GST-R that was revealed 2012 New York Auto Show. Looking crazy good at the track.  Dodge will be putting that american muscle and sick aero to work at American Le Mans series.

Go Skateboarding day: June 21st: Random

Skateboarding’s been around forever but I never knew there was a go skateboarding day. Till today. Thank you facebook. That’s just random. So with that I wanted to make a “skate or die” post. GO SKATEBOARD! Haha. My luck i’d probably break my ass on a curb or something but for those of you who do skate i’m sure you don’t need a day to enjoy it.