A Look Back at the L.A Auto show pt 2

I have a few pics from LA Auto show i still haven’t posted and wanted to share. I thought i’d be done with the coverage by now but i’m always forgetting to update it. So with that said. here’s a little throw back of the LA Auto show.  Part 2 of 3

BMW i think has shown this concept before in the past years but it’s always an eye catcher.

Caught this at the Mercedes Booth and was kinda thrown back at the concept of this SUV. Looked like a cross of a Land Cruiser and 4Runner but with a Mercedes badge. Still liked it but who knows if this concept will see the production floor.

Over at the Lexus booth . Nuremberg LF-A
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LF-LC looks bad ass.

Toyota Supra: Mark II A60

Feeling a little nostalgic after the last post that i wanted to share another old school ride. Mark II Supra A60 also known as the the Celica XX or Celica Supra Mark II. This one is well executed and I wish i could see more of these types of builds state side. So Clean!!


(If you like this check out their FB page)

A Look Back: The L.A Auto Show PT.1

With Christmas around the corner, recent events and visits to RS*R  for a product review,  we totally over looked our coverage from the L.A Auto show. It was a decent show, I didn’t go in expecting much and left the show pretty satisfied (Although i missed visiting a few car makers). This car event has always been worth visiting.

Check out the pics.

Hyundai had engine display that caught my attention . Clear valve cover was pretty wicked.

Props to VW with their hybrid turbo setting a land speed record

Show quality ! Chrome hard lines. FTW!

Sick Bike…

Toyota NS4 color choice was pretty awesome. 

We’ll end here with the Toyota NS4 for today. More pics from the L.A Auto Show in the next post.

Stay tuned.

Product Testing at RS*R: RAN*UP

I know I haven’t talked about my personal car on here much but I’ve been keeping it low key. Total “budget build” meaning if it ain’t a hook up, free or “sponsored” it ain’t happening on my car haha. An luckily it’s been working out and i’m happy with the results.
RS*R contacted me and talked about testing their product RAN*UP and at first i was like hell yah! Of course who would turn down anything from RS*R!? But when i found out that it was a oil additive i was a little weary at first. Staff there told me more about the product and totally sold me on the benefits of running RAN*UP in any car. Enhancing engine efficiency and reducing friction through out all the lubricated parts of the engine while increasing power…  When he said he can prove all this with dyno runs and numbers. I was in for sure.

While i was at their facility who wouldn’t want to take pics. So here’s some random shots before we got started.

After talking about specifics with the engine and what not.. We got to adding fresh oil in the car and started preping the car for the base run on dyno.

After fresh oil and everything was looked at and good to go they proceeded to load the car on the the coolest dyno i’ve ever seen. 4 wheel, length adjustable and super hi-tech.

Baseline dyno started now! 

After a few runs and getting the average of the runs they determined the RWHP making sure the numbers were not chosen from the highest pull or lowest. Which was pretty cool. Coming from the IS build we always went with peak RWHP. But, anyway. After the base run we break’d for lunch, let the car cool and restart the dyno runs to get more consistent numbers.

After Lunch was time for RAN*UP !!! (darn blurry pic)

Back to work on the dyno…

Dyno graph showed 3HP gain and I was stoked to hear that the product worked that well. Below you see the TRQ increase and HP increase from the orginal runs. (note the car has been set up with a lower compression for boost “someday” in the far far away future)

End result RAN*UP is proven! Definitely worth it and something worth trying.



BobsYrUncle store is Live!!

We don’t have much to put in the store at the moment but we’re getting there. If you would like to show some love and help support BobsYrUncle brand by pre-ordering your Rising Sun shirt, check out our store. Bobsyruncle Merchandise here. 
We also have decals (single layer and double layer) for sale; Decal inquires are going through our fan page for now. Bobsyruncle Fan Page.  Message us there and we’ll give you the details on them.

Bobsyruncle Store Live

Coverage: Toys 4 Tots part 3

Finale of the Toys for Tots by Chuck’s Creations/ Banshee Tunin and the Reserve Marine Corps.



Toys for Tots: Coverage Part 2

Didn’t want to overload the last post with pics. Here’s part 2 of the Toys for tots event .


Gathers if you doing JDM you have to know about Gathers speakers!

Toys for Tots: via Chuck’s Creations & Banshee Auto Tunin

I had the pleasure of going to an event this past weekend that means more then just going to show off your car or going to a meet to talk about cars, but to give a little to the community. This one was set up by Chuck’s Creations and Banshee Auto Tunin through the Marines Corps Reserve.  It was a pretty cool set up with a lot of different styles of cars and not to mention really organized event for being their first. They even had awards to give out! That was pretty top notch for a charity event. I was glad to be able to go donate a toy and hang out and take pics.  So, with that said .. on to the pics.

Thought it was pretty cool to incorporate the hatch window to the rear.

I like the diversity of the crowd when you walk around and can respect the build and enthusiasm for the car nature we all share.

This Porsche was mint!

This was another mint car! Loved every bit of it .